Biss Meadows Waterfall by Rhosie Millard


A message from the Chairman, Jennifer Polledri

“Trowbridge in Bloom is not just about spring and summer displays but is an all year round programme of activity to improve, enhance and maintain the local environment. Our aim is to encourage the local community to become actively engaged in keeping things at their best. The 3 core areas we concentrate on are Horticultural Achievement, Environmental Responsibility and Community Participation in line with Britain in Bloom. However, we have also “branched out” in other directions in order to involve the wider community. Public Speaking competitions for both Senior and Primary schools, a Short Story competition, all with environmental topics have proved extremely successful. Art and Design students from Wiltshire College, Trowbridge have showcased their talents with their “Natural World” projects. Imagination, creativity and hard work! are high on our agenda and we look forward to hearing your achievements and suggestions that you would like to share with others in our community”.